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There are plenty of ways to learn more about your health. Our Healthy For Life educational resources are designed to support the entire campus community and connect us all to a healthy lifestyle.

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Whether you fancy a double double or a non-fat white mocha with no whip and 3 pumps of syrup, we have the coffee for you. Visit one of our coffee shops today!

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You have a lot on your plate! Save time & money, come dine with us!

Dining Services at University of Alberta brings you food quality, variety, and convenience to enjoy your on-campus dining experience. We aim to keep up with trends in food service - offering you well-balanced, nutritional Canadian cuisine, multi-cultural dishes and popular national brands.

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Monthly Buffets at Lister

Perogies Buffet-Jan8-$8.99

Get the Good Stuff

 Get the Good Stuff

Try our line of Get the Good Stuff food items on campus which includes snack packs, salads and yogurt parfaits, it is available in various locations across campus.

We serve Doi Chaang beyond fair trade coffee & TEGA Fair Trade Tea at the following locations:


  • Euromarket
  • Engrained
  • CAB Urban Market
  • Lister Market
  • CSJ Univers Café