Food matters because we love to eat. Sitting down to enjoy our favorite foods can be the highlight of the day. But food matters even more because the foods we eat have a purpose. The food choices we make directly impact the energy and focus we need to reach our goals, every day and throughout our lives!

Discovering and choosing the right foods can propel you forward, help you succeed and keep you healthy. But for many of us, eating healthy is hard to do. It takes planning, it takes time—it even takes the creativity and courage to listen to new ideas, try new foods and open up to new flavors.

Our chefs and dietitians know how challenging eating healthy can be. But they also know that discovering healthy food can be fun, empowering and rewarding. So we’re here to help you discover what healthy food can do for you and to help you enjoy all the positive things that can happen when you start ‘feeding your potential’.

Health & Wellness

Interactive Menus:

Counting your calories or minding your macros? Digital screens in Lister Market and Peter Lougheed Hall display interactive menus—complete with information about nutrition and allergens. Or, check out our menus online, which include a complete list of ingredients for each dish.

Dietary Restrictions:

Do you have a food allergy or intolerance, or an important dietary preference? Look for the above labels (or talk to the manager on duty) in UAlberta's dining locations to see which menu items suit your needs. We have many options for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and halal diets; we also have options for those who prefer locally grown or sustainable products. To learn more about how Dining Services can accommodate your dietary restrictions, contact our Dining Services managers to ask questions or to make an appointment to walk through our food stations with our executive chef.

Ask a Dietitian:

Do you have specific questions about allergens or other special dietary needs? Our dietitian can help! Email with the subject "Ask a Dietitian" or send your question to us on social media with the hashtag #askDSdietitian.

Food Safety:

Dining Services takes health and safety very seriously. We monitor and log cooking, reheating and cooling temperatures. We have strict protocol in place to keep our food preparation areas and food service areas clean. If you have health or safety concerns about one of our locations, please contact us immediately at When an incident is reported, management informs the public health inspector, conducts a food safety audit and follows up with the results.


We are committed to operating sustainably. We are always working to minimize the university's impact on the environment by reducing waste and creating meals from fresh, locally grown foods. Many of our cafes, markets, cafeterias and dining halls are Green Spaces Certified.
Our goal is to incorporate sustainable practices in all aspects of food purchasing, food preparation and waste disposal.

Fair Trade

We are proud to support UAlberta in its Fair Trade Campus designation. Look for fair trade certified food items (like coffee, tea and chocolate bars) in Marina, Lister Dining Hall, CAB Urban Market, Engrained, Euromarket and Peter Lougheed Dining Hall. Use our locations map to find each establishment and its hours of operation.

  • Ideas from our Chefs and Dietitians
    Ideas from our Chefs and Dietitians
    More "feed your potential" tips, recipes and ideas from our chefs and dietitian.
  • Our Healthy for Life® Commitment
    Get the Good Stuff
    Look for the Get the Good Stuff™ logo in our participating locations for options that fit your needs!
  • On Campus Resources
    On Campus Resources
    Check out on campus resources to find out what your school has to keep you healthy and active.