We serve Doi Chaang beyond fair trade coffee & TEGA Fair Trade Tea at the following locations:

  • Euromarket
  • Engrained
  • CAB Urban Market
  • Lister Market
  • CSJ Univers Café
  • Classic Fare Catering


Doi Chaang Beyond Fair Trade Coffee is proudly roasted in Canada & grown in Thailand

About the company:

Beyond Fair Trade:

  • We can offer our customers an ethically-produced product that is good for the environment, good for the individual and good for the coffee-lover.
  • Over the last ten years, the evolution of the company has provided Doi Chaang growers with a better standard of living, more diverse commodities for trade and the ability to unite with other hill tribes through their coffee academy and foundation.

Ethical & Business Standards

  • Doi Chaang Coffee has high ethical and sustainable business standards. We aim to create direct relationships with coffee farmers and enable them to achieve a sustainable and economically stable standard of living

    Core Goals: 

  • Eliminate Cycle of Poverty
  • Promote Education and Health Care
  • Encourage Cultural Identity & Pride
  • Ensure Equality
  • Achieve Economic Sustainability
  • Achieve Economic Prosperity


Doi Chaang Business Model:

  • Unique 50-50 business model, an exclusive relationship where we would buy green beans at a significant premium to Fair Trade pricing and return 50% of the profits to the producers in Thailand. 



  • Delicious organic tea blends
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle through smart beverage choices
  • Over 10 years crafting and experimenting with new tea blend combinations, iteration upon iteration to make sure we provide the best taste and quality.
  • Supports Fair Trade initiatives at organic tea farms across the globe.
  • Giving back to communities and sharing unique varieties of organic and fair trade teas.